You know how you sometimes reason that all you want is to be happy with a faithful, caring boyfriend or girlfriend – depending on whichever one is the case? And you really want the relationship to grow stronger (to maybe stay longer and better for the next seven to ten years), but you keep having this feeling that something is wrong somewhere? Well, here we provide easy to understand relationship answers that would help you feel attractive, smarter and be more discerning in your relationships.

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In case you’d like to know the Lovegeria backstory…

On February 13, 2014, I started Lovegeria on WordPress.com.

Since then, the feedback and insight I gained encouraged me to turn Lovegeria into a self hosted blog.

In essence, Lovegeria is relationship blog on Love, Romance and Friendship with strong focus on boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

What is Mission?

Our mission is to provide easy-to-understand relationship answers.

Lovegeria is here to stay.

So, have fun.
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I hope you discover something that you can relate to – that useful stuff that brings back life to your soul. I wish you luck as you apply your findings in a way that makes you enjoy peace and excitement.

Deep down, you deserve a healthy relationship that brings you a richer experience to your life.

I’m trusting that you’ll find simple, useful answers.

To your success,
~ Prosper B. Wealth (Founder, Lovegeria)


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